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Pay By Bitcoin

You need an existing Bitcoin account with enough funds to transfer from your wallet to ours.  There are many Bitcoin web services and phone apps where you can setup your account. is just one of those but a place to start.


User the QR code below or the wallet address to transfer the equivalent Bitcoin value of the USD amount of your invoice.

You will need to have already made an order so you have the order number and the exact USD amount you are transferring as Bitcoin.

Make sure you send:

  1. The full amount of the invoice.  Covert the USD amount to Bitcoin equivalent.  The easiest way is to use a Google search.  Type in the amount in USD to BTC.  eg "85.15 USD in BTC".  Google will display the equivalent Bitcoin amount. See the example pic below.

  2. Your Order Number as a reference on the Bitcoin transfer.  Without that we will have trouble matching your payment to your order.

  3. Email confirmation to so we know to look for your payment. To help us match your payment to your order include your Order Number and the exact Bitcoin amount you paid.  

Blockchain Wallet   Exchange Cryptocurre


Below is our Bitcoin wallet address that you can copy and paste if you are not using the QR code.


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