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Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate (50mg) + Lamivudine (300mg) (30 tablet bottle) is used as treatment for people living with HIV. By Hetero Labs,  ).   [HIV treatement - NOT PrEP]


Manufactuer: Hetero Labs

Other names: 

Tenolam (Tenofovir TDF 300mg , Lamivudine 300mg) x 30 tablets

SKU: tenolam-300n300-30-1
  • As a guide only, typical delivery times . Consider DHL express if your order is time critical.

    DHL express 5-7 days.

    EMS/ITP 10-14 days

    RMS 14-21 days

    Postal services are subject to network conditions in each country the package passes through and can take longer.    Once the package reaches your country then your local postal service sometimes has even more detailed tracking on the same tracking number.





  • Australia: 3 mths supply per person. Script required, Passport ID not required.

    New Zealand: 3 mths supply per person. Script required, Passport ID not required.

    Switzerland:  1 bottle, no prescription needed.  3 bottles prescription is required.

    UK: Script if available but not required. Passport ID required.

    Israel: Script required. Passport ID required.

    Canada: 3 mths supply per person. Via PO Box in USA for residents, Visitors: Script required. Passport ID required. Visa to study or work permit. Letter stating you are a visitor importing for personal use.

    USA: 3 mths supply per person. Script required. Passport ID required.. Max 3 bottles.

    Japan: 1 bottle only, no prescription needed.

    All other countries

All prices in USD

Pictures are indicative and actual delivered product may vary in appearance..

Some countries importation  law allows the import of up to 3 months worth of medication at a time.and for personal use only.  Check you country's requirements.

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