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All prices are in USD and delivery will be calculated on checkout.
UK issues: From 22/12/20 - India is temporarily suspending passenger air travel to and from the UK.  Postal delivery to the UK will be affected.  BREXIT: We are unclear but it seems likely mail relay from the UK into the EU will finish 31/12/20.  We do not guarantee delivery by a set date. Please take into account it will be your loss if your package is stranded in the UK after that time.
VAT: from the 1/1/21 we are required to charge VAT on orders to the UK.  Unfortunately, we will need to suspend orders to the UK until we are issued a VAT number. We do not know how quickly that will happen.  UK orders will resume as soon as that number comes through.

There are 3 steps.

You must complete all three before we can process your order.

1. ORDER: Click on an image to the left to start your order.  Go all the way through the shopping cart until you hit the "submit" button and the order is complete.  Make a note of your order number for when you pay and upload your prescription.
2. PAY:  There is a form at the end of the shopping cart (or "2. PAY in the top menu) to select how you would like to pay.  We'll look at that and email you a payment request with all the details. You can use credit card, direct bank transfer (EFT) or Bitcoin..
3. SCRIPT / DOCS: Upload an image of your prescription (script) with the link in the menu above if required.  You'll be asked for your name, email and order number.  For limited quantities countries like the UK, Switzerland and Japan do not require a prescription.  If your country requires ID for import (check "Country Specific Instructions" after you've selected a product) then you can use the same facility to upload an image of your passport details page.

Step1. Start an order by clicking on an image to the left

Some countries have a limit on the amount of medication you can import at one time.  Its usually three months worth but places like Japan it is one month.  Check the list of countries and requirements here.